Audio output [Win10]

I’m using FxSound alongside games, but some games have a bug/disadvantage where you can’t change their spcific audio output because this will mute them.

Is there/will there be: a way to let Windows 10 not auto switch to FxSound on the audio output?

On the last bit about whether we can have FxSound run without auto-defaulting as the playback device in Windows, maybe if we make an app for the Windows store. But that may be a ways out.

Can you describe the issue with your output getting muted in more detail? I’m not sure I’m understanding.

i’m kinda lost on how ya mean for some reason, i personally use this with lots of games and have no issues lol.
definitely might have to show me that one.

as for not switching to fxsound, the only way i know currently is to not run FX sound. there is a program called audio router that might work, but it has issues with browsers.
google audio router and it should be on a github page and the dev is named “audiorouterdev” i’d link it, but unsure if that’s ok.

Just tested it on my end for winamp. everything is default to FX to my headset, but was able to run audio router, and route it to my headset directly. you do have to keep that program going otherwise once you close it, it goes back to normal. so hopefully this might work for your case.

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