Add More EQ Bands

Self-explanatory! We have a parametric EQ function built-in that allows you to adjust the center frequency of the bands we have available, but some of you guys have requested more anyway.


Why not make it ISO standard?
A 10-band EQ uses bands (frequencies) an octave apart.
Another popular setup is the Serge RESEQ:

I would prefer this to the limited Parametric settings. Or give us more control over the Parametric settings.


It would be nice to have a “complete” EQ that reaches from 20Hz all the way to 20kHz… :ear:


I’m using FXsound because Equalizer APO fails to configure my hdmi audio via my AMD graphics card and it doesn’t want to start with Windows to well either. EQ APO is a very powerful program but most people don’t really need all of its functions it’d be nice to see FXsound offer something similar but with your better GUI. Maybe a Pro or Advanced option that has a 10 or 15 band EQ, custom frequency points and adjustable Q. I like to use DSP to correct the frequency response of my headphones or speakers I’m using via a calibrated mic and REW. Right now EQ APO is really the only option out there that most people like me use but it doesn’t run the smoothest and looks like Windows XP. :rofl:



Today I found FXSound and it’s … nice. But please … add more lower bands!!! Please! ;o)
EQ APO would be a great alternative - if it would be working proberly, but it doesn’t. So let me hope for FXSound. Maybe one more lower cf-band? FXSound is lacking sub bass!

Keep up the good work guys!


Hi you all. I’m also using FxSound because I discovered it as an alternative to EQ APO (which doesn’t work on my new computer).

I would like to be able to correct audio output as much as possible for every output device. I’m nou using any Fx because I relay on public and free correction curves for every headphone. The point is that 9 bands is no enough. I think that having 12 would be great, to be able to isolate at least a couple of frequency ranges and correct it.

There are more sofisticated features like having the possibility to adjunt all the range just entering the standard bands and gains like APO like a list of numbers in raw text format, but I understand that this is maybe too technical for the scope of this tool.

Having 15 bands would also be wonderful, but maybe not everybody is looking for so many bands. Probably it could be a good idea if we could select how many bands we want on settings.

In any case, thanks for this useful tool for audiophiles !!


Another user requesting the addition of lower frequency bands:

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This would require us to dissect some very old code, but we will give it a try soon and see if this is doable!

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Any news on that? Will we get some more (lower) EQs next time? :star_struck: would be great!

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Don’t go jumping the gun; I think it’ll take a little longer than five days to figure this out…

Okay okay … I’m patient. :wink:

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Another similar request, posted today:

And, one more, posted today:

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Adding one more user to the list.

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And one more, the difference here being a request for higher frequencies:

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