This program seems to reduce the sound quality

1.This program seems to degrade the sound quality.
I set it to 96khz, but the moment I turn on this program, it drops to 48khz.

  1. Please change the number of EQ bands so that they can be changed as desired

  2. Please change it so that you can enter the Hz value of EQ on the keypad

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Good afternoon Kim,

24 bit 48000 Hz is the maximum supported by FxSound, so if you want to use this free software, please make sure all your devices match at the same frequency setting.
I can assure you, this is more than enough; the frequency range of 96 kHz recordings extends up to 48 kHz, while human beings are only able to hear sound up to 20 kHz, so it is simply a myth that setting or recording your audio at 96 kHz delivers better quality sound.
Furthermore, 99% of all content available online does not even support that sample rate, and most audio devices don’t, either.

I added your desires to our existing EQ thread, which you can find linked underneath your opening post.