Update Task

I did not look for a bug list.

When installed, an entry is created in the task scheduler library to run an update check.

The syntax is improperly formatted. The path is not quote delimited.

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Thanks for the feedback.
I went ahead and forwarded it, hope you don’t mind.

Noticed it years ago. I’m really lazy.

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Hi @Antman
Are you referring to this path in the task scheduler?

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To add quotes to the path, I tried the following and got errors from schtasks command
C:\Windows\System32>schtasks /create /sc daily /tn “FxSound\Update” /tr ““C:\Program Files\FxSound LLC\FxSound\updater.exe” /silent” /st 10:00 /f
ERROR: Invalid argument/option - ‘Files\FxSound’.
Type “SCHTASKS /CREATE /?” for usage.

C:\Windows\System32>schtasks /create /sc daily /tn “FxSound\Update” /tr ““C:\Program Files\FxSound LLC\FxSound\updater.exe /silent”” /st 10:00 /f
ERROR: Invalid argument/option - ‘Files\FxSound’.
Type “SCHTASKS /CREATE /?” for usage.

Only the following command works where the path is not quote formatted,
C:\Windows\System32>schtasks /create /sc daily /tn “FxSound\Update” /tr “C:\Program Files\FxSound LLC\FxSound\updater.exe /silent” /st 10:00 /f
SUCCESS: The scheduled task “FxSound\Update” has successfully been created.

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Edited task:

The default condition of the task after install:

Perhaps you need to (quote) delimit the line elsewhere in the code.
I do not enter a create command. I edit an existing task (assumed to be the task you create).

First detected by Autoruns several Windows versions ago (editing the task has been a part of the install for some time - may or may not coincide with the death of DFX.). Currently present in Win11 22H2 clean.

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Does C:\Progra~1 still work? If yes, no delimiter.

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I don’t code for a living. I note that a switch is being passed as a command. The task sched GUI treats the switch as a separate field.

I will play with it.

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On a new install of Win11, the same truncated command was listed in tasksched.

When I edited the line (parse and move the [Files\FxSound LLC\FxSound\updater.exe /silent] text -

I forgot to place quotes in the Program/Task field. Windows prompted me to clarify and I got a dialog box -

Do you want to run C:\Program.exe
Do you want to run C:\Program Files\FxSound LLC\FxSound\updater.exe with the switch /silent?

I chose the latter. Task Scheduler automatically populated each of the two fields AND entered quotes in the path.


When I saved it, it reverted to the same condition install leaves behind, a truncated command line with most of the path in the switch field.