Sound dropping

Drops sound after a few minutes on Windows 11 26100.712, may need an update for 24H2, so far only dropping sound in Bethesda games only.

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Hi Dwarfer,
Not a lot of info to work with here…
Could you clarify what you mean with “sound drop?” Does an output device disappear, does your volume drop to zero… ?
Does this happen with every output device and connection method, or only with one specific device?
What’s your FxSound version number?
Have you tried any of the tips from the troubleshooting list at the top of the forum yet?

I was thinking this might be related to your issue.
In any case, it’s worth reading the entire thread.

Nothing whatsoever to do with my issue. It has only started since I updated to Win 11 26100.712 last week.

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Sound in games completely stop, all devices say ok, I also have audiobooks running at the same time and they still work with FX fine!


Yes tried all tips. Everything is updated to the latest versions. First time in my many years of IT have I had this happen!

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Have you considered also contacting Microsoft Support?
Since they delivered that update.