Can I get banned in video games


I’m about to download this app because it looks very easy. I would be very upset if my accounts get banned over a simple application.

If anyone has played games that have EasyAntiCheat or Battle Eye please let me know because I’d like to download this!


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Good afternoon Will,
That’s a good question, and a recent interaction between components I’m betting the original creators of FxSound never even anticipated.
After reading through the info on EasyAntiCheat, my personal advice would be, sadly enough, not to use FxSound while playing protected games - since the punishments appear to be extremely severe (lifelong and unliftable bans and blocks)…
I hope another forum user will come along and answer this one for you; I myself cannot, since I am not a gamer.
I’ll ask @bvijay for you, though, maybe he knows something.

Hi Vijay,
User @Squid raised an interesting question about running into anti-cheat blocks while using FxSound in certain games (e.g. EasyAntiCheat, Battle Eye).
I know very little about this, and was wondering if you could share what you know.
Thank you.

Hi @doolhoofd @Squid
FxSound installs a virtual audio device to which applications stream the audio, it processes the audio stream with a software DSP and then the processed audio is sent to a physical audio device.
As I read about EasyAntiCheat, it seems to detect any modifications done to the system. Even though FxSound is not intended to interfere with games, it is possible EasyAntiCheat might not allow FxSound since it is not a regular application.

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Played games having EasyAnticheat, Activision Ricochet, EA Anticheat, BattleEye with no problems.

Years earlier at “DFX era” I also played games having PunkBuster without any problems.

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Nice. :+1:
Thanks for chiming in, Caleb.
I’m sure @Squid and other gamers will be pleased to hear that.

Well in my opinion banning for using FXSound would be very weird because this software appears in Windows as audio device. On the other hand FXSound settings panel is very similar to other audio devices control softwares which installing together with the audio driver.

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If you are in doubt about a particular game, please contact the game support first.
They may have their own version of the anti-cheat application and/or additional verification methods.
For example, you may have heard the recent news about AMD and Anti-Lag+. This caused the drivers to be recalled, since the behavior was not agreed upon with the owners of the game and the protection system.

FxSound is a regular sound driver and control program. This is similar to standard drivers, where there is a control panel for the sound device. At the same time, there are very advanced sound control settings for other drivers.
It follows that there is no reason to ban for changing the sound. But mistakes are not excluded.

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I had a recent shadow-ban from Activision for a week before they decided there was nothing to actually ban or suspend me for (the only indication it has happened is that you can’t find a lobby to join and if you go to the ban appeals webpage it reveals your account is actually Under Investigation!)
At the time, I had FxSound running - its equalisers were off but it was being used to re-point my audio to my headphones instead of speakers. I was also using Voicemod - which would be being activated and deactivated dynamically both for voice changing and via a soundboard. I also had FaceRig open which hooks into the audio stream to lip sync.
Voicemod support said they’ve not heard of issues before but will follow up with Activision.
I’ve logged a call with Activision myself mentioning all three apps but don’t have hopes they’ll say anything other than they can’t comment on the internal workings of Ricochet.
I’ve not had any problems from EasyAntiCheat (I do play Dead By Daylight from time to time).

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