FXSound has bricked my PC, in terms of Audio

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I installed FXSound 6 months ago. It was OK for a while, providing a very simple ~+4dB amplifier so that I could hear quieter things.

Then FXSound started cutting out - as in I would just have no sound, no apparent reason for the lack thereof) and I would have to wait for my machine to ‘find’ the correct audio driver (at a guess), and it would come back online and I’d have sound again, hopefully.

This happened a few too many times, thus the program was completely unreliable, and for that reason only, it had to be removed.

Once I uninstalled FXSound, I realised how bad the situation actually was. My old drivers are there, but now not working at all. I have no sound, and nothing I have seen suggested online fixes it.

I have never encountered a stereo-bus audio program which allows the user to be completely without sound once the thing is removed.

Again, this PC was purchased promarily for Audio. Even if it were just a home PC for fun and for the family, it still has no audio. I am extremely upset about this. This computer is valuable to me, it is my workstation, etc. I am sorry if I sound at my wits end, but that is where I am.

I need this problem fixed ASAP. I will provide whatever details are needed. I really need help from the FXSound people. I’m sure you guys mean well, but bricking a PCs audio capabilities is bad. Please help ASAP.

Edit: Have been able to get sound back, through FXSound. This is not what I want, however: I want my regular sound back. I want my regular, reliable machine, with no FXSound on it at all.

Again, I am sorry if I sound cranky, but this is important to me, and… well, please help, as I aid before.

Thank you in advance.

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Good afternoon Benji,
This is a problem I will not be able to remedy, so I’ve notified FxSound’s lead audio engineer.
He should be getting back to you shortly.

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Thank you so much for the prompt reply; greatly appreciated, and good to know someone is listening :slight_smile:

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Happy to help.
In the meanwhile, it would be useful if you could share which version of Windows you are running, and what brands or models the old drivers are that you mentioned.
Other questions worth asking would be how many times you’ve already uninstalled FxSound, and which different methods you’ve used to uninstall so far (e.g. Control Panel, manual driver removal, full uninstaller software, etc.).

Hi @ArsonWelles,
Sorry to hear about the trouble you are facing with FxSound.
Since you have got FxSound installed again, in order to get back sound without FxSound, you can try disabling FxSound from Control Panel->Sound.

Uninstalling FxSound from Control Panel->Uninstall a program option uninstalls the driver as well. Or you can also uninstall only the FxSound driver (FxSound Audio Enhancer) from Device Manager->Sound, video and game controllers.


Thanks, Vijay.
I would opine that simply disabling the FxSound device, and then leaving it like that, without taking further steps, seems like the wisest path of action in this case, if it makes the audio work, since uninstalling has already been attempted without positive results.
Of course, the choice is up to [EDIT: @ArsonWelles].

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This seems to have worked just now, so thank you very much.

I will still reply to the other replies here tomorrow, because I think it was a fairly important issue, so I would like to give you guys my specs if that will help. There was also another question about something else… regarding keeping the software or not, pehaps, which is a reasonable question and I need to think about it after a good night’s rest.

Thank you personally, and thanks everyone else who was so quick to help.

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Oops. I just noticed I tagged the wrong person, from the other active thread.
My mistake!