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I am having challenges since installing a DAC, unable to do all in the oops suggestions since every link to re-download the program comes up as “dangerous.” The link to the Microsoft store does not work, however, this may be a location issue since I live in the Caribbean and have got the ‘something happened on our end’ message before with other apps. I AM LOOKING FOR A SAFE DOWNLOAD LINK, if others are having this problem it’s a serious issue!

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Hello Brock,
That sucks.
Have you tried Caleb’s link?

Thank you, that link works after a few tries of being re-directed to various advertisements. But I have completely removed the DAC to try to get back to where I was before, but no luck. If I have FX closed I can enable my speakers as default and have FX marked ‘ready,’ but when I then open FX the sound goes off, since the speakers show FX enabled, and my speakers are no longer the default, and I can not set the speakers to default unless I disable the FX, then I have sound but of course no FX. I have gone through the ‘oops’ instructions and reinstalled FX twice, but no luck!
Speakers FX closed
Speakers FX open

Have you already tried to fully uninstall FxSound with specialized uninstaller software, like IObit Uninstaller Free or BCUninstaller?

No, I haven’t. They both come with warnings about unwanted addons. I forgot to mention that when FX is open and music playing the section on top which normally shows the highs and lows, (the fancy lights going up and down), is not there, & adjusting EQ levels makes no difference, switching FX on & off also makes no difference, it’s just there but not working. I may look around for another uninstaller I trust, just can’t believe I had this thing working well for years and now it’s not.

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The Visualizer.
An uninstaller definitely seems like the best option at this point, to me.
@TiM: Thoughts?

Sorry about ads - it’s not my fault, here’s another temporary link and I hope this time without ads: Gofile - Free file sharing and storage platform

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Thank you for your efforts, Caleb. :+1:
I edited my post in the other thread to include the new link.

It looks like the official download page on fxsound.com has an expired certificate. This does NORMALLY not mean much aside that the certificate is expired and not replaced/extended properly in time. This does not make anything “unsafe” (NORMALLY). This has to be fixed server-side from an administrator.

But as i do not have any insight in the backend, we should inform @bvijay or @james about this since this should be taken care of quickly. This at best brings confused users which already is not a good thing at all.

This is what it looks on my end on Vivaldi (Chromium browser) and being German, it says not much more than that the certificate is expired and the server cannot proof its identity therefore which can be anything from an attack to misconfiguration (i guess the later this time):

(Cannot attach screenshots again, anymore. Maybe connected to the issue.)

The error is: “NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID” (drive.fxsound.com).

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After a few tries and using an uninstaller I got from ‘Geek,’ I have successfully downloaded by using the FX main website, as Tim said it’s safe to do despite the warnings. Thanks for all the help.

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Fixed now. Sorry about that everyone!!