Some Apps Crash because of FXSound

So i tested it with my own pc it seems that when SoundFx is on Rainbow Six Sige and Call of Duty Warzone is crashing it gets some weird error from the games there is some sort of app conflict but i don’t understand why . Overall FXSound is a grate app but it has this error i don’t know how to fix it on my end that’s why i am here . I tested the app these crashes appear when FX is on or installed on my pc no other app like banana or potato or SteelSeries Sonar gets this problem . It would be nice to fix it cause its better than the other three is more simple and practical

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Good afternoon Mark,
Your description is very vague; a printscreen of the error would be helpful.
You can upload images without registration or hidden costs on
And have you consulted the main troubleshooting list yet?
Let me know if the error persists after going through it.
Sharing your version number and Windows version number would be helpful as well.