Revert to old notifications

Hi, I just upgraded from 1.1.15 (I just realized there’s a new version) to 1.1.20 and I have been loving the new interface so far. But I’m struggling with two things, hotkeys and notifications.

On 1.1.15, I can use CTRL + ALT + D or CTRL + ALT + A to go forward and backwards on the presets that I have, but in 1.1.20 I can only go forward, are there any solutions for this?

And also I much prefer the notification style on 1.1.15, rather than using the built in notifications on Windows. Because the Windows notifications don’t update instantly when I’m switching presets quickly, one notification stays for too long, unlike the old one which just uses an overlay and updates instantly. Any way to revert it? Thank you!


He’s working on it, see here

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Ah I see, what about the notifications?

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The old notification system has been removed, and now only Windows notifications are available. If you’re having trouble with notifications, please report it here so the developers can investigate.

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Good afternoon @soudblox,
Sorry to inform you that there are as yet no plans to revert to the previous preset cycling method, nor to the previous notifications method.
Therefore, if you prefer the way things worked on a certain previous version, then the best thing to do, would be to simply keep that version installed.

I only said I was going to test the new preset cycling method, not fix it.
I’m not the one who fixes and programs things, that’s @bvijay, I’m just a moderator.

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I know, but I liked the reference to the new release thread.

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why though? Why do you guys being cunts about simple features? Why even remove something people loved?

Either be polite, or get banned.
Final warning.

Adding a similar request to this thread.
User @Michiel just posted a request to bring back the old notification style as well;

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