Incredibly slow preset selection notification while using keyboard shortcut

Currently, when using CTRL-SHFT-A or CTRL-SHFT-Z it takes about 3-4 seconds for the notification indicating the new preset selection to disappear. If I’m cycling through presets, it shows a notification for each one. So, it takes 15-20 seconds to finally display the preset that I’m on. This makes the shortcut basically useless - it’s faster to exit whatever app I’m in and manually select the preset. If there were instant changing preset notifications, so that the current preset was indicated immediately as soon as you hit the keyboard shortcut, I think a lot more people would be likely to use the feature.

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Hello again Jessica;
Before I add this to the existing topics, could you please just quickly check which version you are currently running?
You can find the version number in the Settings, at the top of the Help tab.
The latest release is v1.1.22.0, available as always on
And the reason I’m asking is because I tested cycling back and forth through my Preset list using v1.1.22.0, and while there is a change in the notification every time, the change actually happens in the blink of an eye; or, to use your words,

I’m running v1.1.22.0 and the change itself is instant for me as well, but because the notification isn’t instant it’s hard to pinpoint which audio profile to land on.

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Strange. Mine are instantaneous.

You could try resetting the FxSound device back to its factory default settings, by right-clicking into the device’s Properties, going into the Advanced tab, and tapping “Restore Defaults.”
This should not impact your settings or your Presets, but make sure to deselect the options regarding Exclusive Mode (also in the Advanced tab).

Or, perhaps there’s an issue with Windows’ own notification settings, instead of with FxSound’s. I found this tutorial on how to reset those; however, I would strongly advise against tampering with the Registry unless you truly know what you’re doing.