How are things going since subscriptions ended?

I’ve been using FXSound for a few years now - I subscribed originally because I couldn’t hear speech on my PC sound system watching movies very well. But since then also use the ‘Classic’ profile for music too, and really like it.

I was wondering how things are going for the company since it’s gone free/donation based. It was obviously a big change in financial model, so wondering if the new model is looking viable based on a few months of income?


Hello, … euh … anything?
I can’t answer this question…
But @james can.

I guess we are all concerned a bit since going the step the guys did with their project is a very brave one. Unfortunately, this often is the last thing one hears from an application that went this way. Yet, @james mentioned in his statement, this is not going to happen. I guess only time will show where the road ahead leads …

But the community here is a positive aspect since the future and success of a project never is just about money but the users it is made for. So, we all do have a hand in here and how things will continue, right?

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Yeah, I saw the message a few months ago too. I thought it was great as an idea, but obvs a risk. Hence my question now about how it’s going after a few months of living it.

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@anything Good question! I think things are going pretty well all things considered. We’re certainly making less money than we would have if we continued with the subscription model. But with the help of donations from the community, so far we’ve been able to make enough to sustain our server costs, software costs, developer costs, etc.

I think we made the right decision. Hundreds of thousands of people, and approaching millions, have now gotten access to the full unrestricted version of FxSound that wouldn’t have otherwise. This seems like an obvious win to me.


I agree that more users are a good step in the right direction. The simple fact of being “big” enough often brings new oppoertunities with it automatically …

That said, we all can help here and spread the word! There is no better advertisement as word-of-mouth; a satisfied user is the best we can ask for.

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