Donations problems

FXSound is a fantastic product, but they need much better support and payment confirmation. After 5 donations in the past year and 2 in 4 days about a month ago, all of which my bank confirmed, FX sound still didn’t allow new presets or stop pestering. It ceased to function. So, I had no sound. In desperation, I agreed to a small monthly donation in addition to that just to be able use my system. I can’t afford this rate. It claims to be free, but I am happy to donate when I can because it’s a great product. Please help resolve this! Thank you!
How do we tun off the constant demands for donations and have them acknowledge we have already donated more than our share in 2 email addresses due to the same PC issues?


This is my other account. So, same input as above! Please note this question is NOT about the product performance but that I have been constantly hounded for more money because Dell sent me 4 defective PCs before this one so had to download it 5 times total. I am using the Celz account but my monthly donations come from this account after sending 4 or 5 donations from the celz account I am now using again. Please let this suffice and turn of your donation requests – I have sent and continue to send all I can. No one even bothers to reply to my emails

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Good evening;
This is a quick link to the most recent and complete version of my “first-aid-kit” list of settings to check.
The number of additional bonus or selfmade presets you can add to the drop-down menu is currently limited to 10; you should be able to add more after deleting the ones you deem unnecessary.
I also notified @james and @bvijay in order to further address your issues.

In the meanwhile, could you please specify which version of FxSound you’re running, as well as which version of Windows?
This will facilitate the troubleshooting process.

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I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to add this post to both your existing threads.

@Celz @Ell
The latest version released is v1.1.20.0 available on
Could you please check the Help section of the Settings menu and verify if you have this version installed?
I am using this version (and have never received one single donation request or pop-up in all my history with the new, purple versions of the software).

We don’t have any donation notification pop-ups or emails.

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Oh maybe I’m understanding now. Did you subscribe to donations, but now the PayPal/bank account you subscribed no longer has the funds? That’s the only thing I can think of as to why you might be getting donation notifications (you mean emails right?)

I’m not seeing either of your emails in PayPal. Did you subscribe with another email?

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Thank you for all replies. I am looking forward to checking that version number later today when back on the pc. I hope that’s the problem because it would be simple to fix.

One more question: it took almost a year to make a setting for FXSound that works almost everything, videos and music.

The last time I downloaded a new version, it erased my own settings. Is there a simple way to prevent their disappearing?

THANK YOU! :pray:t2:

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That depends on which version you are currently using.
If it’s the purple one, then you can easily export your presets.
If it’s the blue version, then your presets will be lost, since the file types are different.