Exclusive - enable/disable with MIDI controller?

It certainly can; I’ve added a screenshot below to illustrate and simplify things.
Bass is marked red (20 to 250 Hz),
Mids are marked yellow (250 Hz to 2 kHz),
Treble is marked white (2 to 20 kHz).
I can honestly say that FxSound’s Clarity slider is a unique and absolutely wonderful way to boost the higher frequencies, but I feel I should add though, that EqualizerAPO is one particular tool that allows for a more precise control, since the amount of bands you can create in its EQ as well as the amount of variation you can set for each band, is unlimited, while FxSound’s EQ currently only has 9 bands, and each band only has 25 possible settings.

You can find all the info in the Learning Center on the main website.
Let me just quickly break down the 5 Effects:

Clarity: a unique high-frequency booster
Ambience: instantly adds reverb to any audio track
Surround Sound: makes audio more spacious, expansive and immersive
Dynamic Boost: boosts the volume in a general and controlled manner
Bass Boost: boosts the low frequencies

Here’s the tutorial on the Effects:


The tutorial on the Equalizer:


The tutorial on Presets:


Also, here’s a quick link to the Bonus Presets:

And this is a Preset pack compiled by @Dolmatov containing a total of 59 Presets, including all 12 Bonus Presets linked above:

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