Feature Request: Hide Certain Playback Devices

It would be nice to have the ability to hide PlayBack Devices from the list (or in other words only have the playback devices listed that you want the ability to choose from when switching playback devices either via the drop down or hotkeys) so it’s less cluttered with devices I don’t need listed such as voicemeeter or monitor speakers etc. It would also make switching devices via keybind much easier as you don’t have to go through those devices.


I approve of this feature request, +1

Gotcha! You can disable these output devices in Windows. Is there a reason why that wouldn’t be a good option?

Specifically for me, I need to keep the virtual cables enabled so that voicemeeter continues to correctly function (I disabled them before and it caused the program to error), the monitor speaker also acts as a hardware out for me in voicemeeter hence why I keep that enabled.

This would be a nice feature as some people need to keep output devices enabled as they are used/required seperately by other programs (like in my case) or they might prefer to use some devices outside of FxSound and keep them out of the FxSound device list.