Volume Mixer - System sounds volume gets reset

Once every few hours go by, for some reason Volume Mixer for FxSound Speakers gets reset to device volume (13)…


I have to set System Sounds back to “1” every few hours. Can this bug be fixed, so volumes are not being reset?

I am using Windows 10.

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Hi Albert, welcome.

And which version of FxSound are you using?
Also, there’s a basic troubleshooting list bannered to the top of the forum:

Have you researched this issue online yet, and, if so, what did you find?
Below are some links which could hopefully be helpful; the first one is a small free tool called EarTrumpet which allows for very precise, device-specific volume control:

And this article from Microsoft Support contains suggestions 4, 6 and 17 from my list, among others:


Do let me know if any of this actually helps.

The latest one.

It only resets volume since I installed FxSound, and it resets only on FxSound Speakers device not on system sound device (Speakers).

I will try eartrumpet.

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Been using eartrumpet and this issue doesn’t occur anymore. Volume levels are stable and not being randomly reset.

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