Fxsound not working as before after the update

After the new update on FxSound the volume entirely has reduced very much and I’ve tried uninstalling it and downloading it again but doesnt help at all.

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Good afternoon Samael.
This is the second case of volume loss reported with v1.1.22.0, so I’ve sent a message to @bvijay to notify him and ask for his help.
In the meanwhile, please refer to my earlier post here:

Hi Samuel,
Sorry for the delay in my reply.
In the recent version we have added a Default present in which the EQ gains are set to 0. Apart from this, there is no change which can impact the volume.
Can you please tell us, which preset is selected in FxSound?
Also, can you please check if the system volume in volume mixer is set to low.

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The instructions on Windows’ Volume Mixer utility:


And the two best free apps for general volume control that have been shared on the forum so far: