Sound issues

I just reinstalled Fx Sound and now when ITunes is playing or when my screen saver comes on, I lose my sound completely. When I look in sound settings, I notice that the speaker setting is automatically defaulted to “FX Speakers”. To get the sound back, I have to go into settings and manually check “FX Speakers” again. Is there any way to keep this from happening?

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Hi coach,
Do you have the FxSound device properly set up as your default communication device?
In FxSound’s Settings, is the box to automatically switch devices ticked or unticked?
Do you have the latest version installed (available on
Have you tried running FxSound as administrator?

Also, user @metanoiance shared a workaround for this known issue here (scroll down a bit):

Thanks for your response, doolhoofd. “Yes” to all your questions. I have had FX Sound since the switch and had no problems, then over the weekend, my computer crashed and I had to a complete reset. Lost everything and had to download all programs again - including FXSound. I think I set everything the way I had it before, but am now having the problem with the sound going off as I stated in my earlier email.

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First off - I’m not sure I’m understanding this correctly. You say the setting is defaulted to FX Speakers; so if it’s already checked, why would you have to check it again? Does the setting get undone when you start iTunes or when your screen saver comes on? Could you please share a screenshot of these settings, and of the issue taking place, so I can see what’s going on? It would really help my understanding of your particular problem.