Volume fluctuations

Using FX Sound (v1.1.15.0) I am experiencing sudden fluctuations in volume on both internal speakers (laptop) and also on any other external device that I connect with media playback across all applications. How can this be fixed?

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Thank you for reporting this issue.
All I can do is call in the help of FxSound’s lead technician…
@bvijay: Do you have any thoughts on what’s going wrong here, and how to fix it?

Since it seems to be a very general issue, you might want to check for any outstanding Windows updates. Also, have a look at your sound cards/onboard sound chip drivers and update them aswell.

It would help if you explain a bit more detailed what you mean by “fluctuations” so we can maybe give better advice. More details about your hardware, software and driver versions also would help in tracking down a possible cause instead of just guessing around.

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