[BUG FIXED] Sound issues on v1.1.13.0 of FxSound

We made some changes to the driver on this version that seem to be creating sound issues for some users. We’ve reverted the changes on v1.1.14.0 while we do more testing.

Download the new version to fix your sound issues.



First of all… Thank you for creating and developing this amazing application, which is FxSound. It changes everything when it comes to music and entertainment on my Windows PC. Thank you, guys! I’ll always support this project. I’m not gonna use it for free, believe me.
Regarding version… I’m Windows 11 user. Version worked for me just fine, but when I installed version the overall sound level on my computer got much higher (louder) and it seems to be distorted a bit (just like the sound driver got boosted too much). I haven’t changed anything software- and hardware wise between having both versions installed on my computer, so I don’t know what the problem could be. And I’m not complaining - Windows 11 is still in develepment :wink:
But I have a question… Could you, please, include the version on the download page? I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you in advance.
If you want me to share more info about my soft-/hardware config, please feel free to ask anything.
Greetings! Paul.

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