FxSound has an annoying sound distortion

I have been trying to use FxSound, but it has such an audio distortion that made me uninstall it, I tried everything to get a good audio setting. But nothing worked.
Is there any way to stop this “noise floor” from happening?
I have 2 PCs
A Desktop one with Windows 10
A Laptop one with Windows 11

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Hi, good afternoon, welcome to the forum, and apologies on behalf of our team for this, obviously unintended, distortion.

Firstly - could you please offer a more detailed description of the noise you’re hearing? And do you know if any one slider, or combination of sliders, could possibly be the cause (since FxSound’s Ambience slider was specifically designed to add reverb to the audio output, for example)?

Second question: which version of FxSound do you have installed? You can find the version number in the Help tab of the Settings menu. The latest release is v1.1.22.0, available for free on fxsound.com as always; if you’re running a previous version, then please download and run the installer for v1.1.22.0.

Thirdly: have you seen the main troubleshooting list (at the top of the forum) yet? It contains the most common tips, and can help you verify correct setup of the software.

This is the issue regarding audio distortion problems I added to the GitHub Issues Tracker last December,

Let me know if this was helpful (or not).