Volume Boost Effect

Significantly increase max volume with a new Volume Boost slider in the effects.

We currently have some volume boosting capabilities with the Dynamic Boost Effect and with the EQ, but this would be a more heavy-handed option for those with very quiet laptop speakers for example.

We’ve held off on doing this as we’re weary about causing distortion, damaging hearing, and damaging speakers, but maybe we can add a tooltip warning when using the Volume Boost Effect.

Like this if this is something you want to see added. And reply if you have any feedback or questions.

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i would like this, yes. some things even with the dynamic boost maxed it’s still quiet, not many things, but it does happen for me. but yes the concerns are definitely an issue, i’d be more worried about blowing a headset or speaker or it being distorted. how you guy’s even get that boost as good as it is is awesome as i’ve tried many other’s software and… no, just… big no… lol. why this is my main audio program for numerous things. but yes, having warnings like what android does when having it too high it pops up a message before applying. though, i probably wouldn’t have it do it every time as that becomes annoying BUT does keep it more aware for those who might forget.


Drop the maybe.
You should DEFINITELY add a warning on a volume booster.
With great volume comes great responsibility!