When music kicks up in song fx sound lowers the volume till it calms down

how do i disable this so it does not lower the more actiony parts of songs?
i listen to music a ton and its really jarring when the best part of a song just gets lowered in volume for no reason.

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Good evening stranger,
I’ve been using the software for a long time now, and I know the phenomenon you’re describing.
Try turning down the Dynamic Boost slider, this will probably solve the issue.
Let me know if this helps or not.

while it does fix that issue it causes another.
some games i play and some apps i use are about 6-10db to quiet. and the dynamic boot had that fixed when i set it to 5.
with it at 0 they are so quiet even at max volume i cant hear them that good.

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Yes, I understand that completely.
The first logical solution to that next problem would of course be to check all the Volume sliders in your system involved in outputting the signal one by one.
There’s also a handy free tool to simplify system-wide volume control available which is compatible with FxSound, called EarTrumpet.
You can download it from various sources, like the Microsoft Store:


Or SourceForge:

Here’s a quick tutorial.

If this doesn’t solve your issue with the volume, your next best bet would probably be to use the Preamplification dial included in EqualizerAPO. It should also be compatible with FxSound, provided your computer is powerful enough.

Alternatively, you could use the Preamp/Volume Control included in the Chrome EQ extension if you use Chrome, and in the FireFox EQ extension if you use FireFox (which is exactly the same extension, but for a different browser).

ear trumpet does not provide a db booster.
as for equalizer apo if i use it on my win 11 system windows disables all sound. untill i turn it off.

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Well, I’m sure there are many other audio boosters and many other tools out there that I haven’t heard of yet; but if you want to stick to using only FxSound, then you’ll have to find a workable balance between the first problem and the second…
There’s no magical fix for both.