Distortion using FXSound in certains music

Hi guys, I’m using a Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Pro with Kuba Disk Earphone. Listening Spotify, in certains music and using preset Music, I have distortions in souds in volume 50% or more. When I turn off FX sound, I don’t have dirtortions, pq the sound is poor and really bad.

It’s a limitation of my motherboard and your sound card or limitation of FXSound? In another system with Creative sound and my Kuba Disc I don’t have distortions.

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Hello Gustavo,
I’m guessing that’s probably because the Music preset cranks the bass way up.
Solution: turn the Bass slider down a bit, or turn the Bass setting of your Kubas down a level.
Let me hear what @TiM has to say about this - hi @TiM, any advice for this user?

Hi @doolhoofd , thanks for your help. I reduced bass slider and reduced all levels in 2 points. This solution resolved the distortions when I use the volum at 70%, after 70% I have distortions, but not much more

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Glad that helped, a bit.
Usually when clipping occurs, it’s due to excessive bass.

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Here’s one more friendly tip.
Your system has multiple Volume sliders: one in Windows, one in Spotify, one in VLC, etc.
Never set any Volume slider to 100% (or beyond!).
Keep all sliders at 85% max at all times, to further avoid clipping.
True story: I visited a friend recently who was suffering from a ton of distortion - yeah, all his Volume settings were maxed out, no wonder!
I looked up every single slider in the system, toned them all down one by one, and the clipping disappeared.


He might try some stuff like the natural hearing volume on the effect panel in the Windows audio settings or such. Also, most audio files can be ripped/converted with Replay Gain or a volume limit or something like that.

Asides that, i guess, doolhoofd is right here; it is more about the settings. Also be aware not to mix up another audio processing of any kind or additional effect filters or such in hardware and software.

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