Suggestion: db boost aka a amplification slider for fx sound

i dont know the exact term for it but one feature that could be added to fx sound could be a decible slider. aka preamplification/amplification whatever you call the thing that raises or lowers decibels by user input only.

as while the dynamic boost does kinda do this. it does also automatically adjusts volume db on its own and that isnt ideal for people who dont like the volume in stuff changing while they use it.

so having the option to raise or lower my db would be very helpful.
and im sure im not the only one who would like this.

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Look, once again, I completely understand where you’re coming from, I really do.
But the Dynamic Boost function in FxSound is actually an incredibly intelligent tool to boost the volume, because it is one of the very, very few that really increases it while not simultaneously inducing distortion due to excessive loudness.
I might be wrong, but I think what you need, is an actual, physical amplifier, not software which includes a preamp.
Because you can try just about any preamp software dial out there, and in most cases, the end result will simply be a surpassing of your system’s threshold, and hence, distortion.

i dont mind distortion.
i dont notice it.

i do notice when loud sounds get their volume turned down especally during music.

i dont want the sound lowering on its own volition.

i dont know you know what i mean or not. so im going to use an analogy here just to be safe.

imagine your in a concert and just as the song kicks up they lower the volume of all the instruments, music etc, just everything by 25%.
that would be jarring and would ruin the moment.

and dynamic boost does that.

but if i take it off said concert becomes so quiet its almost impossible to hear.

ive been looking for months but fx sound is the only one that actually works on windows 11 so i dont have other options.

if i came off rude at all im sorry. that is not my intent i just dont know how to phrase my words a lot of the time.

i dont want to waste any more of your time so i wont reply after this.
good luck with what you do.
and once again. im sorry for wasting your time.

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P.S.: Big thanks to @Tarek_Hasan for the advice.

Various equalizers have settings for adjusting the “volume” of the sound. I’ve seen equalizers where there is adjustment of both positions (input, output of the sound stream).
Unfortunately, your request does not appear to be suitable for this program. The program processes sound as a whole and you cannot predict in advance that any system sound or third-party program will not cause excessive volume levels. Sometimes high noise levels damage equipment. Dynamic adjustment reduces this risk.

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