Video call no sound

Hi guys!

First of all, congrats on this beautiful software! I absolutely love each part of it.
I am facing some issues regarding the video calls that maybe you guys could help me with…
I am a Windows 11 user. I am currently using a bluetooth speaker for sound.
Everything works amazing but when it comes to whatsapp video or audio calls, I cannot hear any sound… In whatsapp, there is a button that lets you choose audio output. Whenever I choose the bluetooth device instead of fxsound, sound comes back. Then, I select FxSound again, i can hear sound, the equalizer does the job, but it works only for a coulpe of seconds then goes on mute again. I have tried all tips shown on the website and none helped. I went to audio settings and selected sound fx as my default device. I have updated all my audio drivers… nothing works.
I’d love to hear back from you guys with some tips regarding this matter.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi, welcome to the forum.
Sorry for the inconvenience; there are indeed known issues with live chat apps.
I added the issue linked below to the GitHub Issues Tracker a couple of weeks ago.
My personal guess is, that the stream of live audio is too complex for FxSound to handle, and my current advice would be, to disable FxSound while livechatting (either by powering the software Off with the main Power button, or by disabling the virtual FxSound Speakers device in Windows Sound).
I’ve also sent @bvijay a message about your experience.
Once again, apologies for this malfunction on behalf of the entire team.

Hi @udrelectronics
Can you please check in Control Panel → Sound if FxSound Speakers is set as the Default Communication Device? If any other device is set as Default Communication Device, can you please change it to FxSound Speakers.

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