Volume mixer problem: audio cutting suddenly

i installed fxsound and i cant use it, because im for example in a discord call or playing a game and suddently the sound cuts for a second and comes back and then i stop hearing my friends if im in a party and any audio of the windows for a brief time, however this happens multiple times, i noticed that if i go into the volume mixer when this cut happens for a really short time an option dissappears and appears again, someone has an idea on how to fix it? The problem is specifically with fxsound because when i deactivate it, the problem stops happening

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please notice: this problems started occuring after the last update (january 11th), before it the problems werent occuring for me

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Hello Lorenzo,
These are the first three things that come to my mind…
Make sure FxSound is set as the Default Communication Device:

Try changing the Communications setting for your device(s):

Or, if you are absolutely certain that the previous version did not cause this error, and you can live without the updates (outlined in the ChangeLog), then you could simply uninstall v1.1.20.0 from Control Panel, and reinstall v1.1.19.0, which is available on VideoHelp:

Other relevant suggestions from my standard troubleshooting list (bannered to the top of the forum) are points 5, 6, 11, 14, 15, 16, and 18:

Please post back and let me know if this advice was helpful or not.