FxSound - No audio using MS Teams

Hi there,
I’m using FxSound and it works great for most of the apps on my Windows 10 computer, but I can’t get it to work with MS Teams. I’m using a bluetooth headset/microphone Plantronics Voyager Focus UC.

I select FxSound from Teams’ settings, the headset in FxSound (displayed as Headphones PLT Focus Stereo) but I can’t hear any sound.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Kind regards.

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Good evening Xing,
This is a quick link to the most recent and complete version of my “first-aid-kit” list of settings to check first; for your case specifically, selecting “Do nothing” under the Communications tab, would seem like the first go-to point.
It would be nice if you could run through the list and apply the tips that seem the most useful and practical to you, then post back with your results; if the problem persists after that, we can explore further options - I’ll be online for at least five more hours.