FXSound dropping devices

Using version on Windows 11 Home (ASUS Vivobook).

FXSound is losing devices. When I start, it has two devices listed.

  1. Speakers
  2. Headset (Hearing aids via Bluetooth)

While playing a video I lose the sound completely. Checking the app I see that I now have only the Speakers in the device dropdown. Closing and restarting FXSound does not restore the dropped device but does restore sound to the speakers.


Welcome back.
The first things to try would be the tips currently found under numbers 5, 7, 9 and 15 from the troubleshooting list at the top of the forum.

(I know that was a low-effort post. Sorry I can’t be of more help.)

Hi @Reverend_Jim
Is the Headset (Hearing aids via Bluetooth) a single channel mono device?
FxSound does not support mono devices. We are adding support to mono devices without allowing processing for mono devices. This change will be available in the next release.

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I’m also keeping in mind that I have yet to see a Bluetooth device that operates the way it is supposed to. The tech industry keeps telling us how reliable and simple Bluetooth is, but for the devices I have used:

  1. two different pairs of hearing aids
  2. wireless headphones
  3. three different laptops from two different vendors (Dell and ASUS)
  4. three versions of Windows (7, 10, 11)
  5. two different Android cell phones

I have yet to see an instance of either reliability or simplicity so I hesitate to attribute a problem to FXSound that may otherwise be attributed to Windows or Bluetooth. Excuses I usually get are:

  1. faulty Bluetooth driver
  2. incompatible Bluetooth versions
  3. gremlins
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Do the hearing aids show up normally in Device Manager and Sound Settings, and have you checked and tried tweaking all the latter?
Feel free to share the brand and model info on those as well.

What’s the average timespan between startup and sound loss?

Have you tried restarting FxSound by running the FxSound.exe inside C: > Program Files?

I got them as Costco. I believe the brand is PhonAk (R-K59.0) although they are repackaged under the Kirkland brand name.

“Tweaks” is vague enough that I do not know what would be considered “all the latter”. Typically all I would need to do is pair them with my laptop, then connect/disconnect or enable/disable Bluetooth.

Closing and restarting FXSound, and disabling/re-enabling Bluetooth is generally something I would try. I want to restate that in general my audio works properly more than 90% of the time. I’ve come to accept the unreliability of Bluetooth in general but when I see something like FXSound dropping a device I figure it is worth mentioning in case it is a problem with the software. I’m actually quite pleased with FXSound overall (as I may have mentioned once or twice).

I’m happy to provide any info that might be of assistance.


Getting old is a bitch but it beats the alternative.


We are aware that there are bugs with Bluetooth, some perhaps more Gremlin-like than others.
In my last report of areas that need attention, improving Bluetooth connections was one of the main points I recommended prioritizing and focusing on.
I added this to the GitHub Issues Tracker last December,

All the settings found in Windows Sound and mentioned in the list, like:

disabling all Enhancements (making sure the “Disable all enhancements” checkbox is ckecked),
disabling Exclusive Mode (disabling “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” and “Give exclusive mode applications priority”),
disabling Hardware Acceleration;
finding optimal frequency settings;
making sure “Do nothing” is selected as the response to Windows detecting communication activity in the Communications tab;
disabling unnecessary devices;
perhaps running the “speaker setup” configurator;
that stuff.

I see three instances of those in Device Manager.
How many of those do you have?
And which instance(s) contain(s) the drivers related to the problematic device in this case?

I also see a DTS Audio Effects Component mentioned. I have no idea how this is being used on your system and in your setup, and no idea what will happen when you disable or remove that component in Device Manager (and/or Sound Settings, if present), but it’s worth mentioning that it’s there, since FxSound does not support DTS.

I noticed. :wink:
You can reach @james at james@fxsound.com, or just send him a message here on the forum. He made the software free and open-source.


…Easier said than done, of course. :hammer_and_wrench:

Another example of dropped device. Here are two screen caps. The first shows that my hearing aids are connected (as recognized by Windows) and the second shows that FXSound only recognizes the built in speakers. Restarting the app restores the missing device.

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Dropped my headset device twice today. “Fixed” by closing, then restarting FXSound.

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