Two problems actually

  1. Several weeks ago, I upgraded to 1.16 version but the system keeps telling me I have 1.15 version. and FXSound is “inviting” me to upgrade (again?) even when I have done it several times just to see if it gets fixed by itself.
  2. When FXSound is enabled, I can never switch to headphones. It doesn’t happen unless I restart Windows, which sometimes is not handy at all.

Is it possible for you to pay attention to these issues, please?

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Hi Javier,
Welcome to the forum; I’ll try to help as best as I can.

Here’s a list of things to check in your Windows Sound Settings first:

  • Make sure FxSound is set as the Default Device;
  • Make sure all devices match at “24 bit 48000 Hz” (max);
  • Disable Exclusive Mode for all devices (Playback ànd Recording);
  • Disable all Enhancements including Loudness Equalization for all devices (except for FxSound which doesn’t have this tab);
  • Disable Hardware Acceleration;
  • Disable all devices you don’t use, including hidden ones.

Further questions:

  • What version of Windows are you running?
  • Do your headphones appear in FxSound’s list of devices in the main interface when connected, or not?
  • Do your headphones connect through a cable, or via Bluetooth (and if both, which connection is causing difficulties)?
  • Have you tried running FxSound as Administrator?
  • Have you tried ticking this option in FxSound’s Settings menu?


This one’s for Vijay…
@bvijay: User @jamm2005us has the latest version installed, yet continues to receive update prompts. Could you please assist and troubleshoot?
Thank you.

@jamm2005us It looks like system registry is not updated with the version information correctly. The updater is run through system scheduler to periodically check and update.
For now, you can stop the scheduled update task. From Task Scheduler, please select the task shown here and disable it.
Once the next version is released you can install it and we can check if the registry is updated correctly and then enable the update task.

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