The File 'DfxInstall.dll' is not marked for installation


I would be very thankful if someone could help me out here.

I am on Windows 11.

I had installed FxSound earlier (latest version Later I uninstalled it using a 3rd party uninstaller software. The devices were still there in device manager so I uninstalled them manually. Also deleted some registry keys (I dont remember which ones).

Now my system seems free from FxSound. When I try to install an older version I get a message that a newer version is already installed and when I try to reinstall I get the message “The File ‘DfxInstall.dll’ is not marked for installation.”

I searched my whole system for any files with the names fxsound etc and found none.

Please help with how to go ahead.

I tried extracting and then running the msi too.

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I just wanted to inform that running the below troubleshooter from microsoft uninstalled it properly and I could successfully reinstall the latest version.


Good afternoon,
Apologies for my late response; I was, quite simply, asleep.
Good to hear you managed to fix the issue on your own, thanks for letting us know.

Good evening, thanks a lot.

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