Cannot install a new FX app

cannot install new FX app bcause it tells me I have “msi” file of an old app and i cant find or remove what that is …
Screenshot 2022-10-07 172439
see file

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Welcome to the forum.
Have you already tried installing with Administrator rights?

i have installed the old version of fx sound enhancer but its only 7 days free can I keep this without having to subscribe?

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Sorry, no, you can’t.
You couldn’t even subscribe if you wanted to; all support for the old versions has ended.
Please download the enhanced and completely free new version at
Here to help in case you have any further questions,

well if you read my posting I cant install it
Screenshot 2022-10-07 225833

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You can always try full uninstaller software, there are many free uninstallers to be found online, like IObit Uninstaller Free, or BCUninstaller.
And if all else fails, you can remove the drivers manually in Device Manager - but I wouldn’t recommend doing that on your own, messing with drivers can be dangerous.
If you want, I’ll call in FxSound’s lead programmer; I’m sure he will be able to rid you of your problem.

There is no file with name given iN my PC . I have searched and the file it tells me to install from is not to be found. please give me programmer assistance

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Ok. I’ll summon him.
@bvijay: Please assist; thanks!

Sorry for the trouble, and sorry I can’t be of more help.
I’ve also sent Vijay a PM, and I’ve notified James…
All I can do now, is wait…

While we wait: have you tried this yet?

Hi again Mark;
I just heard from James that Vijay probably won’t be checking the forum till Monday…
Since it’s a payed job, and he gets the weekends off…

Sorry for my delay in looking into this issue.
If the previous installation has got corrupted and fxsound.x64.msi could not be found, then please run fxsound_setup.exe with this option,
fxound_setup /extract
This will extract the .msi files from fxsound_setup.exe. Then you can provide the path to the extracted fxsound.x64.msi when prompted during uninstallation.
It is better to run fxsound_setup /extract with the version of the installer which you are trying to uninstall.

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Thanks, Vijay! :+1:
Please let us know if this solved it or not, @aoffy66?

… No response …

how rude

I replied to an engineer not rude

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Ok tha ks I replied to engineering. Maybe that was in an email

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