FxSound 13.028 can't run

Why is this?

I’ve Windows 10, the latest update.

i have images…

526.PNG (219×164) (discordapp.com)

162.PNG (158×159) (discordapp.com)

more images…

56.PNG (155×159) (discordapp.com)

49.PNG (216×157) (discordapp.com)

Hello @Moon,
This is the older blue “FxSound Enhancer” version, right?
Sorry to inform you there is no more support for the older versions.
You should know, though, that when I attempted to install this old version, I got a ton of errors similar to yours.
It appears that when you’ve installed the new version, then uninstall it and re-install the old version, you get nothing but trouble.
What I would recommend you to do is to uninstall both versions with a specialized complete de-installation program, then re-install the old version.
This seems to be the only way to enjoy an old version of the program after installing the new version.
Really sorry for the trouble; hope this helps!

@Moon: Please note that this is pure speculation and theory.
I have not tried this myself; I am not sure the old version will work even after completely de-installing both versions with specialized software.
In theory, it should work - in practice, that’s another thing.
Just know that you can settle for the new version anytime.
I know that’s not the answer you wanted to hear, but there it is.