New version not install

Hello, the new version is presenting problems in the installation
I have Windows 7 64 bit

I can not return to older version!!!

I can not remove from my PC!!!

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Good afternoon,
I think this could probably be solved by uninstalling the driver manually, but I don’t want to give you any advice that will damage your system, so let me ask FxSound’s lead audio engineer to be sure.
@bvijay: User cannot install and also cannot uninstall.
Could you please troubleshoot?
Thank you.

Here are the instructions on how to check if the FxSound driver was installed correctly:

And here are the instructions on how to manually delete the FxSound driver:


Please exercise care and caution when messing with drivers.
As far as I know, the FxSound driver can be removed with relative impunity; but the same cannot be said about other devices.

I removed the driver from my PC, and still can’t install the previous version. I get a sign that there is a more updated version.

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Perhaps you can try specialized uninstaller software.
Here’s a list of the ten best free programs according to TechRadar:

By looking at the error message, it does not seem like a driver installation issue.
This could be specific to installing on Windows 7.
You can try installing through these steps from admin command prompt,

  1. run fxsound_setup.exe /extract
  2. run fxsound.x64.msi to install FxSound
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I don’t understand…
I don’t see this command fxsound.x64.msi

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Follow the prompts in this short video:

  • Launch command prompt and run the first command. Study the documentation for Windows if you do not know how to use the command line (terminal in the latest versions of the OS).
  • This is not a command. After completing the first step, find new files in the folder and read their names. Open the specified file.

  • This is similar to extracting files from an archive, only self-extraction without a separate archiver program.

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@bvijay It seems that initially there was a problem with calling the action through DfxInstall.dll during the uninstallation of the program.

Have any changes been made to the structure of the MSI or the specified library that could break compatibility?
Have you checked the process of installing and uninstalling the program in different OS versions?

The site does not provide unequivocal information about compatible system versions, as well as target operating systems. Compatible version - where the program is supposed to work based on the compiler and dependencies. Target OS - for which the program is being developed, testing and performance support are performed. Usually these concepts are not strongly separated and write system requirements as a whole.

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@Dolmatov DfxInstall.dll has the MSI custom actions implemented. In the latest release it is built with Visual Studio 2022. Also, it is built with static runtime library option instead of DLL option. So, ideally there should not be any VC++ runtime dependency as far I know. Also the installer is built with the latest version of Advanced Installer.
We had been maintaining compatibility for Windows 7 and above.
I will check if there is any issue in building for Windows 7 in our development tools.


@DBG We are able to install in one of our test Windows 7 PCs.
Can you please try installing first and then install FxSound?

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I’ll try when I get home. I’m at work now.

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I followed the steps as you indicated and as they did in the video. In the photo you can see the result that continues to give error.
Look at the numbers that I indicated in the photo, because the weight of the installation files is different from the ones in the video that you show.

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You are using the latest fxsound_setup.exe. The file size looks correct.
FxSound is installed on your PC but failing to launch.
Can you please check the contents of the folder %APPDATA%\FxSound?

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Here I show you the folder you asked me for (it’s the top one)
Below is the program archive folder, with the only files that are installed.


In the installation folder many other files are missing.
Please check if %PROGRAMDATA%\FxSound folder is created and if it has the FxSound.settings file.
We need to find out what is going wrong while installing on your PC.
Can you please uninstall FxSound and install from admin command prompt with this option.
fxsound_setup.exe /exelog %TEMP%\fxsound.log

Please share the file at %TEMP%\fxsound.log once installation completes.

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Please check if %PROGRAMDATA%\FxSound folder is created and if it has the FxSound.settings file.

It has not been created!!!

I have had a problem uninstalling this new version. When I try to reinstall version 1.1.16 it tells me that a newer version is installed on my PC.

For what it’s worth, my PC is a DH55PJ motherboard, as far as you can see, it’s a PC from around 2010.

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The problem may not be due to your PC hardware configuration. Since FxSound version 1.1.17 is installed partially, it is neither uninstalling and nor allowing you install an older version. Since uninstall from Control Panel is failing, can you try to uninstall it through any tools like Wise Program Uninstaller - Uninstall, Remove or Force Uninstall Programs Completely (


I uninstalled version 1.1.17, with the program you recommended.

Somehow, which I don’t have the knowledge to explain to you, some trace of version 1.1.17 remains on the PC. So when I try to install version 1.1.16 it tells me that a newer version is on the PC.

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