Unable to install fxsound 1.15

i decided to update my old FxSound version to the newest version, but everytime i try to install it i get this error
How do i fix this, because so far i haven’t found any other digital equalizer programs that have a clarity slider

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Hell0 h0ll0w,
I like your username…
Let me summon the mighty wizard! :dizzy:
@bvijay: a troubleshoot would be most welcome here.

You can get the missing file by extracting it from the installer.
From command prompt in Admin mode,
run fxsound_setup.exe /extract
or fxsound_setup.exe /extract
Without the path the files will be extracted in the current folder.
After extracting the file, you can follow the steps as per the error message, click ok and provide the path to the extracted fxsound.x64.msi

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@imh0ll0w: Please do share your results!

The error message also sounds like he has (accidently?) installed FxSound to a drive which is not available when he tries to start the application; aside a netword drive, which would be very “exotic” for such a case, maybe he selected a now unmounted device like a flash drive or something or re-configured his internal drives somehow (like editing drive letters).

Sinply re-installing the application should fix the issue in that case. Best, install it normally on you C: drive (or whatever drive letter your system drive with Windows itself has).

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