The equalizer doesn't work on apple music for windows

Hi, I have a problem. The equalizer doesn’t detect Apple Music music.

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Since your screenshot apears to be from an older version, the first thing I recommend in my standard troubleshooting list bannered at the top of the forum is installing the latest version, v1.1.20.0, available from
Secondly: could you please specify what you mean when you say, “the equalizer does not detect Apple Music?”
Are you trying to add Apple Music as a device in the drop-down device selection menu, or does the audio from Apple Music stay the same no matter which settings you change?
In the latter case, it’s probably advisable to try changing the frequency settings of your devices in Windows Sound Settings, since this is often the cause of a “no difference in sound output”-type problem.
Please post back with your results and let me know if this was helpful or not.

I update FxSound, but my problem persists.

I try to use the equalizer on Apple Music for windows, but they don’t work.

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Okay; did you try changing the frequency settings of your devices?
Did you disable Exclusive Mode, Hardware Acceleration, and Enhancements?
And are you using iTunes, or the Apple Music Web Player (which can be accessed in your browser via
Knowing your Windows version would also help.

I use the Apple Music Windows app that, not the web player or iTunes.
I don’t know if Apple Music for windows as these functions : “Exclusive Mode, Hardware Acceleration, and Enhancements”.

Version of Apple Music :
Version of windows : 23H2

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The Windows Store explicitly states that the Apple Music Preview app is an incomplete preview, and not all functions will work as expected:

If this is the app you are using, then the reason may simply be an unresolved incompatibility due to the limited scope of this preview app, which remains to be solved by Apple.
In any case, two opinions are always better than one, so it’s worth asking your question on an Apple-dedicated forum as well.

These need to be disabled for your audio devices in Windows Sound Settings; however, there are also options in most Apple music apps to change the frequency settings of your audio, to enable or disable Dolby Atmos, and to use an inbuilt EQ.
Changing these frequency settings is definitely worth a try, and Dolby Atmos and the EQ should probably best be disabled if you’re attempting to use the app together with FxSound.
Here’s a tutorial on exactly those settings, described in steps 1, 2, 4 and 5:

And finally, if you still cannot get your Apple Music to function in conjunction with FxSound, you could give Cider a try:

Thanks !

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You’re welcome. Happy to help.
It’s also worth mentioning that the current version of FxSound was designed for Windows only; so, since you’re trying to use Apple software on a Windows computer, that could be another obvious reason for a possible incompatibility.
If you’d like to keep track, this is the feature request on GitHub for the creation of versions of FxSound for other operating systems like Linux, iOS and Android; our current team is still very small, but who knows, maybe one day, this dream will come true… :dizzy: