Spotify app not working with fx sound (w10)

This started happening about 3-4 days ago. i opened spotify to play some music, and no audio. i checked fx sound, youtube and everything else was working. When i change the audio output in fxsound, spotify gives audio for a split second in that output, then goes back to no audio, im listening to spotify on browser rn, but its frustrating becuz i dont have any shortcuts. Please help

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Good evening,
Have you read the main troubleshooting list yet (at the top of the forum)?
I’d recommend checking if you have the latest version, and trying the tip about restoring the FxSound Speakers device to its defaults first.

I have tried everything in the list now, im still using browser spotify. the app just wont give me audio.

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Have you checked and tried changing the settings inside Spotify as well?

Do you have a lot of active audio devices in Device Manager and Sound Settings?
Lists would be helpful; screenshots would be even better.
You’re welcome to send those in a private message if you don’t feel like posting them in this thread.

Hi @Roohth,
Also, please check if volume is set for Spotify app in the system volume mixer,

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