FxSounds does not work

Just downloaded it today and can’t use it at all.
I tried everything I could to make it work, but it didn’t work.
It does not display sound waves, does not receive any sound from any application (including websites, games, …)
Pls help me

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Which Windows version do you use?

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Hi @zux,

Did you run through the troubleshooting list at the top of the forum yet?
Also, as Raddy already asked, it would be helpful if you could share which versions of Windows and FxSound you are running.

Some additional questions; simple yes-or-no answers will do:

  1. Does the main Power button work, and does the interface become purple when you turn it on (or does it remain grey)? [Y/N]

  2. Are your devices appearing in the drop-down output device selection menu in the top right corner; and can you change them by selecting a different device? [Y/N]

  3. Are the Presets appearing in their menu in the left corner; and can you change them by selecting something different? [Y/N]

  4. Can you make changes to all the Effects, Equalizer and frequency toggles? [Y/N]

  5. Do the Settings work, can you find the General and Help tabs, and can you save a custom Preset, for example? [Y/N]

Did you try uninstalling (preferably by removing the driver manually), restarting your computer, and reinstalling?
This would seem like one of the safest first options worth trying.

After a while I found the reason why it wasn’t working (tbh, it’s my fault).
FxSounds is very good and I am very satisfied using it
Tks btw