Surround sound (5.1) in Windows 10

I have surround sound speakers (z-5500) set to 6 ch direct

In the windows sound control panel when i run a test via the FxSound playback device it definitely plays through all channels however when i try to play a song in Media Player it only comes through the front left and right speakers (no center, rear left, nor rear right surround sattelites)

I have tried a couple other programs to try to get it to work. When I turn off FxSound it goes back to working with all my speakers.

Any help would be appreciated… i tried scannin the forums a few times and i havent found anything particular to my issue but have tried a few tidbits that i thought might work.

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Hi Birdman,
The program indeed has known issues with Surround Sound.
First things to try would be to:

  • disable Exclusive Mode, Signal Enhancements, and Hardware Acceleration for all your audio devices;
  • disable any unnecessary audio devices;
  • find an optimal match-up for the frequency settings of all your devices, with “24 bit 48000 Hz” being the maximum supported by FxSound (I know it may seem irrelevant, but changing these settings really does make a difference);
  • set FxSound as the Default Communications Device (this actually sets FxSound as both the Default Device ànd the Default Communications Device simultaneously, but only shows it as the Default Device);
  • select “Do nothing” under the Communications tab as the response to Windows detecting communication activity;
  • run the Speaker Setup Configurator and set both your speakers and FxSound to Surround:

All the above options can be found in the Windows Sound Settings menu.
Alternatively, you could try another media player, like VLC, WinAmp, or Neutron for Windows, among others.
But, other than that, FxSound’s owner @james has stated the following on the topic of Surround Sound: