Creative sound card 5.1 Audio output support in Windows 11

I have a USB sound card Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro. I use it to run my 5.1 speaker system at home. Till now I have been using it in Windows 10 but the Software isn’t supported in Windows 11 which is needed for 5.1 output.
My question is, can I use FxSound as an alternative software for my sound card? will it support 5.1 output?

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Hi Ice,
The shortest answer, would probably be a simple and straightforward No, since FxSound was made with stereo setups in mind, and there are no explicit options to configure 5 or more separate speakers anywhere within FxSound; so if you are looking for a program to do specifically that, I would not recommend FxSound.
FxSound’s owner James posted this on the topic of Surround Sound:

That being said, there is an option within FxSound’s “Configure speakers” dialog box to set the device up as either a stereo system, a 5.1 system, or a 7.1 system (see below); but, while changing the configuration actually does the trick for some people, it just as often fails to work for others.
It also seems worth mentioning that several forum members have found different and sometimes quite counterintuitive solutions for their particular problems, like switching to Mono or setting the default frequency format to 24/96.
You’re welcome to run a forum-wide search yourself anytime on the topic of Surround Sound by typing in the desired terms into the little magnifying-glass box at the top right of the forum.
Either way, if you do decide to install FxSound, then make sure to take a look at my standard troubleshooting list at the top of the forum, which includes some basic yet essential tips for setting the software up correctly, such as disabling Enhancements and Exclusive Mode.

what your looking for is actual windows dolby/dts drivers these were made way back in the day when surround sound on pcs was a only licensed thang dolby made dolby digital home theater v3 /v4 and dolby advanced audio dts had dts aduio /dts connect these drivers were made so the person who made your soundcard or pc had to pay to add the software to the system but that dosent mean these drivers wont work on any system just means dolby/dts diddnt want theme to this is why its so complicated to use surround sound on windows pcs without useing hdmi How to Redirect 5.1, 7.1 to SPDIF [DTS-Dolby] - All Apps | TechPowerUp Forums Making Audio Enhancers Work on Windows | TechPowerUp Forums this is whare i found my drivers sense i also am useing a usb to optical adapter i ignored anythang to do with retalk or displays but did the rest of the process and applyed anythang to my actual optical connect and it worked i got dolby digital to show up in defult formats under the advanced tab in windows 10 (this well work with windows 11 also) a few thangs iv found while useing this methiod tho due to how these drivers edit your system they may be flagged as a virus CHECK WHARE THE “VIRIS” LOCATION IS before removeing this is due to these drivers being ture dolby/dts driver but edited to work on any system so they use permissions that only dts and dolby had back in the day if the location of the file in question is in the location u installed these your fine i made my own folder just for these drivers just to test and make sure myself every scan or program i used said they were fine and i used over 5 after my virus protection went off aswell do not install the custom home theater eq the dolby drivers come with it adds extra processing to 5.1 systems that truely just sucks instead use fxsound hook fxsound to the 5.1 sound system and it well work with any game vedio or form of media you may have but keep this in mind u have to make sure you have dolby digital or dts connect under the advanced tab click on the defult format setting and if dts or dolby isnt shown thare please dm me here and i can help with what i know from useing a generic usb adpater this is not a soundcard its just usb to optical so if your soundcard is anaolog they have edited drivers for that too good luck on your adventure also iv heard word that fxsound dose use more cpu power when it is open then when it is in the taskbar so only actually open the application when u need to edit your sound then close it again and let it just run in the background iv found this best when im playing games or useing my computer under a heavy load

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