Suggestion: Control via command line

I know that there are parameters you can use that you can add to have it startup with certain options selected, but I’d like to be able to control it once it’s already running by running CLI commands that can change the preset and the output device.

This would allow me to control it in a myriad of different ways (e.g. Streamdeck, Bitfocus Companion, custom solutions) without you needing to write integrations for those tools.


Good evening Joe,
The current team working on FxSound is very small, and the amount of programming required to implement even tiny incremental changes and updates, takes a lot of time and effort.
That being said, the good news is that there are real plans to make FxSound open-source soon, which, if all goes well, should allow for fresh opportunities to modify and improve the program.
For anyone interested in CLI commands, I’ve also copy-pasted some earlier posts on the topic below.

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