Suggestion for upgrade - startup option (general settings)

Greetings: I know that you’re just doing limited updates, but I have a suggestion to enhance your product (which has been very helpful for me)…

If there could be an option on the General Settings page for “Launch FxSound on startup” that would be great (right now I’ve manually set it up, but others may find this helpful). Thanks for the great product! JEP

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Thanks, John; that’s a reasonable and helpful suggestion, and I’ll be sure to pass it on to the team.
In the meanwhile, I do remember James saying the following:

It still hasn’t been implemented, however, there is a current workaround. Open the task manager, then go to “Startup apps”, find FxSound and choose if you would like to Enable / Disable it.

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There are more workarounds out there than only one, for those willing to search for them.
For example, someone recommended CCleaner by Piriform to me over ten years ago, which also has a tab to control startup apps, and I’ve been using it ever since.
CCleaner used to be freeware, as long as you clicked the pop-up ads shut every now and then, and I’m still able to use it that way, but I don’t know if it’s still free for new users as well.
By the way, I added this feature request to GitHub yesterday (about 18 hours ago), see below; feel free to add any comments you might have, either here or on GitHub.

The current team working on FxSound is still very small, so updates are proceeding very slowly.