Some Chinese characters display garbled characters

Hi, feedback a character garbled problem.

The characters in the lower right corner are garbled, and you may need to adjust the character encoding.

Other displays are normal.

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Thanks dayanzai for reporting this bug. I have fixed it and uploaded the new beta version

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Thanks for the fix.

But I found that when using the Ctrl+Alt+Q shortcut, the tray prompt is still garbled.

Ctrl+Alt+A It has been displayed normally.

You may need to check the shortcut related settings more, thank you for your work.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I find this issue where ever formatted strings are used. I am looking into the fix. Will post the next version with the fix soon.

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The garbled text issue is fixed. The fix is available in the updated beta release Please download and use this version.

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Thanks for your work, it’s working now.
I will share it to more Chinese users.


Thanks for your support and encouragement!

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