Issue with Default Shortcuts

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I started to use this app several days ago. I really like it so far, it is very clean and works like intended. Props to the devs, making such a smooth App is hard work! :heart:


I started to run into one issue tho.
The Default Shortcuts (STRG + ALT + [Q,E,A,D,W,S]) conflict with my US international keyboard layout. Typing these special characters (ä,å,é,á,ß,ð) is therefore impossible right now, without accidentaly triggering the Apps shortcuts. That is a real bummer, because the shortcuts are really nice to have on Windows.


Changing my keyboard layout is sadly not an option. My first language is german, so I do need a lot of the special characters stated above, but I also write a lot of english therefore I have the US international keyboard. It allows me to write in both languages with ease, without changing the layout constantly in the operating system.

Possible Solution

1. Changing the Default Shortcuts
This solution might be the most “straightforward” to do. Changing the default shortcuts to other keys so it wouldn’t interfere anymore. Thinking of characters like STRG + ALT + (F,G,H,J,K) on the US international keyboard, because they are not assigned to any special characters.

Possible Issues:
I. The new shortcuts could interfere with other layouts/special characters.
Would need further research and thorough testing.
II. The new shortcuts wouldn’t be so conveniently placed, like the current layout.

2. Adding the possibility for Custom Shortcuts
This would take more time, but might be worth the effort. Being able to set the shortcuts by yourself. Like having the described function and being able to assign your own shortcut to it. This would not only fix the keyboard layout issue. It would make FXSound compatible with workflows of other Apss, that might have their own set of shortcuts. Personally I would prefer this solution, but I do understand that every new feature needs a lot of effort in regards to development.

Possible Issues:
I. A big investment development wise.


Hope I could get the issue across and my layman solutions to it. :sweat_smile:
Have a nice day!

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Hy! :wave:
Thank you for your understanding regarding the programming efforts, and for thinking ahead as well.
You can rest assured that the team has every intention to address the shortcuts issue as soon as possible:

In the meanwhile, one of our most helpful forum regulars proposed the following solution:

And yet another solution would be to simply disable the shortcuts for the time being, and avoid the key conflict altogether. There’s a checkbox in the Settings menu dedicated to the shortcuts:

The team also added the following info which could be useful towards this purpose:

Ohh thank you for this quick and thourough answer. :heart:

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Happy to help.

alice - avec plaisir

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With all due respect why the fuck is ctrl+alt+e a default shortcut for this app?
This is the Windows shortcut for typing an e with an acute accent (é).
There is no indication when installing the app that it will automatically hijack this shortcut, which many people rely on.
Giving us the option to enable it would be fine, but doing it by default is horrible.

I’m working since a long time in an open source application in C#.
I would like to use fxsound for improve users experience (and also mine).
For this, I would be able to change the fxsound ambient (music when music is played, movies when films played, TV, and also specific like voice improve for films with too; much surround spatial effects but less loud for voice).
The best way I suppose would be to use shortcuts but, this software is international (For example, I’m french with azerty keyboard).
Then, do you have a planned date for international shortcuts working ?

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There are plans to add modifiable keyboard shortcuts as an update for v1.1.21.0.
Please note that this is not a promise, just a goal that’s currently being strived for.

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Thanks for your answer.
A question, please.
Is your software free ? Open source ?
Is the code available somewhere ?
Also, instead of using shortcuts, if by chance you plan to create a way for a direct access as fxsound ambient changes (an API like) then, please, let me know. :wink:

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If you mean, does it cost 0 $, then yes, FxSound is free.

Not yet, but there are serious plans on the table to make it opensource soon.

Sorry, no, not yet.

OK, I will keep your post in mind, and will be sure to do that.

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