[VERIFIED BUG] Non-English Keyboards Can't Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

This one isn’t actually a bug. We’ve disabled keyboard shortcuts for Non-English keyboards. Our fix for this will likely be creating the option to change the mapping of the default keyboard shortcuts.

Pls overlook this decision and reactivate shortcuts for all keyboard designs. I dont even understand, why you should make a difference between layouts, as long as they are customizable and OS is managing - no problem.

Since u take the full control over “standard audio output device”, at least let the app be controllable by keys or triggers, else it can be annoying and unhandy for users. It took me hours of failure searching and endless reinstalling. just to find out, its my non-english keyboard.

I hope u guys fix this or find a workarround soon, because i like your app and appreciate your work on it.

Thanks <3

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I also don’t have the option to activate the shortkeys.
My keyboard is a QWERTZ (German) Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2.
May I ask when we can expect an update for this wonderful software?

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