Slight audio-video out-of-sync and problems switching between devices.

Hello, everyone. I have noticed a slight audio-video out-of-syncro with Fxsound running.

In addition, I have noticed a supposed bug: when I correctly connect a Bluetooth device, the programme does not ‘see’ it straight away and I have to disconnect it several times until it is detected (Windows considers it connected). What can I do? I will also report this to the developers. Thank you.

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Well, the one thing that seems to work most of the time, is a full uninstall with specialized full uninstaller software (many such programs can be found online for free).
After the full uninstall, you should install the latest version of FxSound to ensure maximal compatibility.
So, after you’ve uninstalled, you can find the latest version here - I know it seems a bit weird and dodgy but one of our users @caleb59 was so kind to share this and I assure you the link is completely safe, just click the big orange “Download Now” button: