Having issues with FxSound

Having issues on my laptop watching videos on youtube, gaming or anythign really that produces sound and video. The audio is out of sync on everything I watch. Is there something I can do to reduce the latency

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Hi Peter,
We’ve had a “Get Help”-thread before with a similar issue, but the latency happened only on Bluetooth headphones.
Let me check in with FxSound’s lead technician.
Hello @bvijay, user experiencing latency on all audio processed through FxSound.
Any ideas for troubleshooting?

Speaking of latency: can it be that the notebook in question is an older and weaker model and the out of sync comes from insufficient computing power? Just a gues …

It sounds like you are not experiencing this without FxSound running under same conditions?

And finally, as always, a more detailed description would help since remote support is tricky on its own already …

That said, generally everything should checked for the latest versions (Windows, FxSound, drivers, …) first.

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User @Thor proposed the following:

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