Feature request: Audio Delay

Thank you for a great product. I just stared using FxSound and I love it. The only problem is the audio delay is awful. I tried every fix possible and nothing.

I usually listen to streaming video with my Samsung Galaxy Buds+ connected to my HP laptop. Furthermore, I know there is an audio delay with Bluetooth, but on top of using FxSound it gets worse.

The only solution I found it when watching a movie on VLC Player you can adjust the audio delay, I usually adjust the delay to -400 or -450 ms. That usually does the trick.

If you can add an option to FxSound to delay the audio in milliseconds, that would be fantastic.

Thanks for your help and would love to see what the future holds for FxSound.

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Thank you for the helpful suggestion. :+1:
I’ll note it and forward it to the staff.

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