Serious problem FxSound (free)

I want to manually put the hz, I can’t put it in 400hz, it stays in 399hz or it passes by.

Fx Sound Enhancer is better for audio than the free program. (blue program)

The sound is less clean and clear.

many options are missing.

an option to disable one or more features to change the audio.

I want the same settings as blue Fx Sound Enhancer.

Thanks for reading.

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How serious you are.

If you are used to how DFX classic sounds I exported the default preset and it sounds pretty much the same as the old one :slight_smile:
Save it as .fac file and see if it helps. Inaccurate sliders are very common in software.

This is not from blue FX sound enhancer but you could try doing the same as I did, export your preset and try importing it in the current one.

CLASS1 : Effect Type
9: Version
DFX Classic
0: Double Params Flag
1: Total number of elements
51: Main 0
26: Main 1
0: Main 2
51: Main 3
51: Main 4
68: Main 5
0: Element Number
   0: Param 0
   0: Param 1
   0: Param 2
   0: Param 3
   0: Param 4
   0: Param 5
   0: Param 6
7: Number of Application Dependent Integers
0: Number of Application Dependent Reals
0: Number of Application Dependent Strings
1: Integer[0]
1: Integer[1]
1: Integer[2]
1: Integer[3]
1: Integer[4]
0: Integer[5]
2: Integer[6]
10: Number of EQ Bands
1: On/Off Flag
Band 1
   62.5: CF
   5.35433: Boost/Cut
Band 2
   110: CF
   0: Boost/Cut
Band 3
   200: CF
   0: Boost/Cut
Band 4
   295: CF
   0: Boost/Cut
Band 5
   650: CF
   0: Boost/Cut
Band 6
   1200: CF
   0: Boost/Cut
Band 7
   2120: CF
   0: Boost/Cut
Band 8
   4550: CF
   0: Boost/Cut
Band 9
   6300: CF
   0: Boost/Cut
Band 10
   16000: CF
   0: Boost/Cut

Hello @Moon,
Most users come here to get an issue troubleshooted.
Your program seems to be working just fine…

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