Obsidian skin

Hi everybody,

I’m new here and I hope that you could help me.
I had to uninstall DFX audio enhancer but didn’t save my skins…
I like the Obsidian skin and tried to download it from the internet, but… not available.
Could someone give me a link to this file ?

Thanks in advance !

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Hi Chris,
Welcome to the forum.
Is it this one, by any chance?

Hi doolhoofd,

Yes it is. But I already tried to download it and got a “404 Not found” error :frowning:

Thanks anyway !

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You’re right, it does appear to be a dead end.
Let me ask FxSound’s lead audio engineer if he can maybe retrieve this file for you…

Hello @bvijay;
User @Chris55 is looking for the Obsidian skin from the old DFX.
I was hoping you might perhaps still have this file stored somewhere?

Thanks for your kindness doolhoofd !

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Happy to help.
It would be useful if you could share which version of DFX you are running, and also, where you found the Obsidian skin, on which site or in which bundle, if you can remember that?

I’ve version 11.109.
I think I downloaded various skins on DFX’ website, or maybe on another site. But they were easy to find at that time…

Hope this will help.

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Yes, that’s useful info, thank you.
Another question though: when did you reinstall your DFX?
Because FxSound switched to a new, free version (available on fxsound.com), and all the old license keys have stopped working…

About one year ago.
Didn’t notice there was a new version available.
But this won’t help me finding those good old skins…


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That’s okay.
Just thought I’d give you a heads-up in advance, because the next time you uninstall DFX, there will be no way to activate it again…

Good to know that !
@fxsound OK, I understand very good.

Last question : is the obsidian skin included in the new program ?

Thanks for your answers !

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The new version only has one layout, which looks like this:


Obsidian + Obsidian_mini

Obsidian.zip.txt (178.9 KB)
Rename: Obsidian.zip.txt → Obsidian.zip


Wow ! Amazing !
You’re great ! Thanks a lot man !

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Thank you, @Dolmatov.

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
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Glad you found it. I have copies, but I call it FxSound 2.0 Default Skin :wink:

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